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Riding into Boston (2011)

Dear Friends and Family. This September 11th will mark the 15th anniversary of 9/11. As you all know, our family was personally affected by this horrible day of terror. My wife Susan lost her husband David and our three children lost their father.

With loss comes growth. It was nearly 11 years ago that I first rode with Susan to mark 9/11. At the time, we werenít married and Susanís children were 4, 6 and 8. This December will be mine and Susanís 10th Anniversary. Our son Ben will enter college this fall. Our daughter Dina will enter high school. Molly will be a senior in high school and ride along side Susan and me for the first time and Rebecca (who wasn't born ten years ago) will enter third grade.

Our family is strong. Yet, in those same 10 years the lives of Afghanistanís widows has not improved as much as we would hope. The Taliban continues to find strongholds in the country and all Afghans are threatened by their terror.

What can we do? We should never forget that for all that is crazy in this world we still live in relative safety and comfort compared to those in Afghanistan. Providing women and children safe havens and income generating programs thru Beyond the 11th Ďs grants (funded by this bike ride) is an answer and a necessary lifeline to those who have few lifelines to grasp.

Of course I support this ride because it supports Susanís organization but more importantly I support it because it provides important funding to those who have so little. Iím not sure the best way to fight terror. But I do believe empowering women goes a long way to changing the world for the better.

I thank you for supporting my ride.
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